The Notepad

At Bonjour.io, our mission is to help you having frictionless Sales calls - secretly, we want to give you Superpowers 💪. In this article, we're going to describe how The Notepad will help you achieve this goal.

What is it

The Notepad is a dedicated area included within Bonjour app for Zoom in order for you to take notes during your calls.

Where is it

The NotePad is accessible when preparing a call and during a call.

How it works

Well, it's pretty straightforward, you can take notes and use different types of object such as checkboxes, title, bullet points...

The good thing is, you'll never lose those notes as they are continuously saved, even when accessing a meeting conducted in the past via the Main client page.

Use Cases

📒 Before the call: When qualifying a lead, many of you advised being concerned about forgetting key information and had to send a follow-up email to clarify some point. Thanks to the notepad, you are now in a position to easily takes note during your calls!

Notes Templates that you can insert during your call are also of great help => more info here!

During the call: Switching between your note app, your presentation, your CRM, the video call, can be tricky and this affects your focus and subsequently your sales pitch. Notes are scattered in different locations or worse, you've stopped taking notes and essential information are missed.

=> It was great to hear that with the Notepad in Bonjour, you don't have to switch between your CRM, note app, and notebook anymore. You no longer risk losing focus and key information - everything is right within Bonjour app. When sharing your screen with a prospect, they will never see the note already taken, no need to have a physical notebook anymore!

After the call: Updating CRM is a pain and often seen as a loss of time and could lead to missing information. Thanks to our Salesforce integration, simply log your call in one click => more info here!